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Product and Service Distribution

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Collection and Protection of Personal Information

Company may collect data during your normal use of this this website for purposes of monitoring and further development of this website. Such data collection will not include any personal information, which is able to identify each user.

Company may use your personal information according to purposes specified in terms and conditions herein, or for other purposes notified during data collection, or having received your approval thereafter. Company will maintain your personal information as long as it deems necessary to fulfill such purposes.

Disclosure and Sharing of Personal information

Company will not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties, except if such disclosure is permitted or required by law, imposed, or prescribed by law or legal procedure, or is disclosed to authorities, state officials, or competent agencies in compliance with legal orders or requests.

Company may share your personal information with affiliates, and service providers of Company and its affiliates, or service providers designated by Companies to provide services to you on behalf of Company. Those service providers will not disclose your information, unless it is in accordance with the abovementioned terms and conditions or in compliance with law only. Company reserves the right to transfer personal information to third parties, in the event that there is a selling or transfer of company or company assets.

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